Geerish Hookoomsing: an inspiring journey in Human Resources

Jul 05, 2024

Geerish Hookoomsing's journey as the new Chief Human Resources Officer is a source of inspiration. It demonstrates that success stems from commitment, passion, and the ability to inspire and support others.


He began his career in the legal field in the 1980s at Gujadhur Chambers. "I was responsible for industrial and criminal cases, and I had the opportunity to work with lawyers who are now well-established in the profession," he says. This experience laid the foundation for his professional training.


After six formative years, he jumped headfirst into human resources, starting in the textile sector. He was one of the first to recruit Chinese workers for a textile factory in Bell Village. This step led him to manage factory personnel, recruit talent, and oversee productions for major brands.


Following a brief stint in the offshore sector with Rogers, he returned to textiles at Corotex Textile as the HR manager for a factory with 1,200 employees. "Each step allowed me to learn and grow, working closely with dedicated teams," he recalls.


His career then took a turn towards the hospitality industry with Naïade Resorts (now Lux) and Le Domaine de Bel Ombre Heritage Resorts, where he contributed to the reopening and opening of several establishments. He collaborated and rubbed shoulders with internationally recognized hoteliers.


Geerish attributes much of his success to the influence of remarkable mentors throughout his career. "These mentors taught me the importance of giving back," he says. His legacy, according to him, is not measured by titles or material things but by the impact he has had on the people he has trained and supported. "I am proud of helping to set up factories and hotels, but my greatest pride is seeing the people I have trained succeed."


He joined the group in 2015. He had an enriching period at Panagora, where he implemented job profiles for all positions, replacing job descriptions. He also established the Performance Management & Development System, the Employee Development Program, and the Assessment Center for recruitment. A first union agreement was signed, followed by two others. He then joined Les Moulins de la Concorde to restructure the HR department and other departments before developing employee skills. Here too, a union agreement that had been pending for years was signed.


For Geerish, happiness at work rests on three pillars: a good work environment, fair compensation, and opportunities for training and development. "But above all, it is human relationships that make all the difference. When relationships are strong, when trust is there, all challenges can be overcome," he explains.


As Chief Human Resources Officer at Eclosia, Geerish remains true to his principles. "My goal is to continue to listen, to be available to employees, and to promote their training and development," he affirms. He also places great importance on encouraging diversity and inclusion within the group.

Outside of work, Geerish, who describes himself as "curious, a jack-of-all-trades, a knowledge seeker, and a lover of Mauritian culture," has a passion for classical Indian and European music, jazz, and plays percussion. He also enjoys reading about philosophy and spirituality, tinkering, and taking care of birds in his garden. He has installed feeders and shelters for them to get through the winter. Golf and meditation are his other passions, bringing him serenity and balance.


With his rich field experience, a piece of advice for young people starting in human resources? "Have patience and discipline, know how to listen and love people. Don't seek the fast track. Learn, develop your skills, and always be thirsty for knowledge."


At 62, Geerish Hookoomsing remains enthusiastic, convinced that each day is an opportunity to do better. "I feel profound gratitude towards life for all the experiences and blessings it brings me every day. What more could I ask for?"