Life and

The Group acknowledges its environmental responsibility and actively engages in efforts to safeguard, preserve, and restore the environment, aiming to enhance overall quality of life.

Beyond its dedication to bolstering local food selfsufficiency, the Group has consistently prioritized the production and promotion of high-quality food products. Initiatives are underway to enhance the composition of manufactured food, promote nutritional awareness, and underscore the significance of balanced diets.

Moreover, responsible food production and consumption involve endeavours to minimize food loss and waste, as well as conscientious water management.

Eclosia has been engaged with Foodwise since its establishment.

The purpose of Nutriscore is to assist consumers in making informed choices.


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Launched in 2018, Foodies magazine showcases exemplary food practices.

Climate strategy

We are committed to the Climate: we measure the carbon footprint of our activities, we establish action plans to reduce and mitigate our impacts and we raise awareness among our stakeholders about climate issues.


Our companies in action

Photovoltaic coverage for electrical energy requirements by the conclusion of June 2023:
• 19% of needs at Odysseo,
• 14% of needs at Panagora,
• 11% of needs at the Pailles site of LFL,
• 5% of needs at Maurilait.

The CarbonAct project assesses our carbon footprint to facilitate the implementation of a reduction plan.

Reneworld became part of the group in 2023.

We have 42 internal facilitators with the goal of raising awareness among 100% of our staff.


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Women and men,
our driving force

In line with our purpose of “Unleashing every potential,” we promote ethics, drive progress and innovation in everything we undertake, believe in shared success, and provide motivating career perspectives.

The axes are the following:

- La DEI.

- Management and Talent Development.

- Wellness..

Additionally, internally, there is the Chantecler Foundation that awards scholarships to the children of group employees, and a Support Fund that provides assistance to employees facing an emergency situation.

What is the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) at Eclosia?


This entails that factors such as my ethnic background, origin, age, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or visible/invisible disabilities are regarded as sources of dialogue and mutual enrichment. It also means that I can aspire to the same opportunities as anyone else with equivalent skills, irrespective of my profile.

Management and Talent Development:

At Eclosia, each individual, regardless of role or level, is considered a talent. A ‘Talent Framework’ has been established to foster the right environment and opportunities for individuals to optimize their performance and fulfil their potential.

“Wellness,” an integral part of the Human Resources Leadership Team, encompasses:

• An Arts, Culture, and Sports (ACS) department and ACS representatives in each of the Group’s companies to coorganize events.
• A “listening unit” with a social and family counsellor.
• A health and safety department at the head office and health and safety officers in several of the Group’s companies.


Social inclusion is one of the focus areas of the ‘Fondation Solidarité’.

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APEIM’s laundry service project in Curepipe, by Maurilait

Community development project in Cité St Catherine.

MPRB’s ‘poules pondeuses’ project, by LFL


Apart from the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit deeply rooted in its businesses since inception, Eclosia is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship across all levels through initiatives like the Angel Fund and Fondation Solidarité.


The Small Entrepreneurship Centre, established in 1983, laid the foundation, while the Angel Fund was inaugurated in 2012. Serving as Eclosia’s business angel, it formalized the company’s enduring commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the establishment of small and medium-sized businesses.


Since its inception, the Angel Fund has provided support to approximately thirty small and startup companies.


Emphasizing that entrepreneurship should actively thrive at all levels for inclusive development, the Solidarity Foundation facilitates collaborations between NGOs and the Group’s companies.

Takamaka has taken up the challenge of making wine from lychees.

The Chantefrais franchise has enabled small entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses.

100% natural, Indika develops medicinal and cosmetic products from local plants.

Local and
Circular economy

Through the production and consumption of local goods and services, our commitment lies in fostering local value through responsible practices. Additionally, we strive to minimize resource utilization by adhering to the principles of the circular economy, encapsulated in the 9Rs: refuse, rethink, reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish, recycle, and recover, with the ultimate goal of achieving ‘zero waste to landfill.’

Recycling at WeCycle

At Maurilait, a steering committee is in place to find alternatives to plastic and plan for their integration as soon as possible.

0 Waste to Landfill
AVIPRO’s “Rendering” project: valorize 50% of the waste generated by the processing.
ODYSSEO’s exemplarity: no waste from the site is sent to landfills.
In-depth efforts by MOULINS DE LA CONCORDE: 86% of the waste is reused and recycled.



Ever since 2017, Eclosia Way has been Eclosia’s management system. As a highly diversified group, it seemed essential to establish a framework that is not solely financial. This framework, Eclosia Way, is based on a Core and 4 pillars, the 4 “P’s”, namely: People - Planet - Process - Profit. Each of these pillars is crucial to the life of the company.


Established in 2009, the ‘Fondation Solidarité’ aims to facilitate the development, financing, and execution of responsible actions aligned with Eclosia’s core values. The foundation actively oversees project implementation, provides support to causes and initiatives led by individuals, and shares its expertise with project leaders. To accomplish these goals, the foundation has cultivated strong partnerships with NGOs and other associations. Additionally, it oversees Eclosia’s CSR funds and acts as the conduit through which contributions from the Group’s various companies are channelled for CSR initiatives.