Sasha Wanjiku and Christelle Mazimpaka: a refreshing duo at the heart of Eclosia

Jul 05, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape, two young professionals stand out with their fresh perspectives: Sasha Wanjiku from Kenya and Christelle Mazimpaka from Rwanda. Though their paths are distinct, they converge at Eclosia, where they shape their careers and contribute to the company's future.


Sasha Wanjiku's journey to Eclosia began in 2016 when she left Kenya to pursue a degree at the French engineering school, École Centrale de Nantes, in Mauritius. "It was a four-year program—three years in Mauritius and one year in France. Graduating in 2020 during COVID-19 was challenging, but it led me to Eclosia," she recalls.


After reaching out to Human Resources, Sasha was introduced to Belinda Rault, the Group Talent Manager, who recognized her potential for the group. Despite the economic challenges at the time, Avipro welcomed Sasha, and she signed her contract in July 2022. Her role as Project Assistant in the Projects department, closely collaborating with the Project Manager, Sharone Ng, has been transformative. "I've honed my skills and learned to lead projects from conception to execution," she says.


One of Sasha's proudest achievements was her involvement in a project to compost farm litter at Avipro. "We aimed to contribute to environmental protection by transforming litter into compost. The planters showed a lot of interest in the potential benefit of such a project," she explains, highlighting the project's potential impact.


Christelle Mazimpaka's journey with Eclosia began before she even completed her studies at the African Leadership University in Mauritius, where she studied a BSc in Entrepreneurial Leadership. Originally from Rwanda, Christelle interned at Avipro and Chantefrais for six months in 2022-23, gaining valuable experience and becoming familiar with the group's culture. "Joining a group like Eclosia as a student was a great opportunity. I knew it was where I wanted to work after graduating," she recalls.


Starting her internship in 2022, Christelle's journey has been marked by continuous learning and growth. As soon as she completed her degree, Christelle joined Eclosia Corporate Services in September 2023 as Talent Management Trainee, working under the guidance of Belinda Rault. She has been involved in various projects which will soon see the day, aimed at enhancing continuous development of leadership competencies and valuing the different professions across the group. "The goal of Talent Management is to ensure that Eclosia remains relevant with the necessary skill sets," she says.

Christelle's integration into the group was facilitated by a supportive environment. "The first few weeks of integration were a bit challenging, but the people are great, and I've had opportunities to learn and contribute."


Both Sasha and Christelle highlight Eclosia's inclusive and supportive culture. Sasha appreciates the work-life balance and sense of community: "The group encourages growth and collaboration. We celebrate together, support each other, and there's a strong sense of unity." Christelle shares this sentiment, emphasizing the opportunities for personal and professional development. "Learning to communicate and connect with different people has been invaluable," she says.

As they continue to grow within Eclosia, Sasha and Christelle are excited about the future. Sasha sees countless opportunities for new challenges and growth within the group, whether in Mauritius or other regions like Kenya, Rwanda, or Madagascar. Christelle, on a structured Management Trainee Programme, looks forward to contributing to Eclosia's expansion and success. She pursues her journey across the group to live new experiences by joining LFL in July 2024 and finally, Avipro in January 2025.


Outside of work, Sasha practices yoga, swimming, and enjoys exploring local culture through gastronomy. "I love trying new dishes. I recently succeeded in making my first vindaye poisson," she shares. Christelle, on the other hand, enjoys dancing, music, painting, fitness, and cooking. Her colleagues can attest to her occasional sharing of cookies and crepes.


Both appreciate Mauritian culture, finding it rich and welcoming. For Sasha, "The people here are warm, and the cultural diversity is a continuous source of enrichment." Christelle affirms, "Living in Mauritius has allowed me to discover new traditions and feel at home away from home."