A little flower was born

 Maurilait started its operations in a small factory in Telfair, Moka, where the first Yoplait was produced on 3rd April 1976. The factory remained in Moka for more than 15 years until a more modern factory was built in Phoenix in the nineties.


The Yoplait production was the result of a franchise agreement with the French company SODIMA (later known as Sodiaal) owning the brand. In Mauritius, where people only knew the hand-made ‘lait caillé’ sold in markets or home-made at that time, Yoplait gradually became the common term used for yoghurt, which was still unknown in the country.


At that time, hardly 400 yoghurts were produced a day. Despite going through hard times with production techniques that were not mastered yet as well as consumer habits that still needed to be developed, the company struggled for years for success. Today, Maurilait has a production capacity of 20,000 tons.